About Us

Founded in 1974, ADAX Shopper has been at the forefront helping clients of all types deliver Great Customer Experiences. Were specialists in operational feedback and customer experience measurement products for Fortune 200 companies. But ADAX Shopper is more than a collection of products and services. Our Circle of QualityTM approach is a comprehensive solution to your operational and customer service challenges, based on more than 40 years' experience learning what produces the best return on investment.

ADAX Shopper data-collection modalities include online, telephone and on-site, and we complete well over 300,000 site visits each year through our comprehensive network of Independent Contractor Evaluators and Mystery Shoppers.

ADAX Shopper HeadquartersOnce the data is collected, we help you put it to work with our Celestial Reporting and AnalyticsTM platform. Offering both desktop and mobile options, Celestial Reporting and AnalyticsTM lets you identify your strengths and immediately see where there are opportunities for improvement. The result? You have the data-driven insights you need to correctly focus your resources and stay ahead of the competition.